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Harirajan Padmanabhan

Founder and CEO

hpad, Inc.

Over three decades of professional hi-tech experience has given hpad CEO Harirajan Padmanabhan a 360-degree view when it comes to enterprise architecture.

He’s worked in a variety of business and technical roles, including software engineer, application developer, architect, director of engineering, tech executive, entrepreneur, and global consultant. Companies from startup to Fortune 50 have benefited from his expertise.

Hari’s diverse background gives him a panoramic perspective of industry pain points and needs. That background, combined with a passion for constantly looking at old challenges in new ways, led him to innovate in digital EA so executives have better tools for navigating ever-changing corporate landscapes.

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Dr. Arthur Kordon

Dr. Arthur Kordon

An internationally recognized pioneer in applying artificial intelligence in the industry with more than 30 years of experience. He is currently consulting several global corporations to introduce and use analytical solutions and artificial intelligence in their business. He was granted a US patent and has published more than 70 papers, three books, and 16 book chapters in applied artificial intelligence and advanced analytics.

Brandon Sullivan

Brandon Sullivan

A Technology and Sales strategist with a passion for connecting value with opportunity.

Currently serving as an Account Executive with D2iQ, Brandon works in the field daily with go-to-market, marketing, commercial negotiations, partnerships, and growth strategy.

Brandon lives in Wichita, KS, and holds a bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship from Wichita State University.

Karel Cerny

Karel Cerny

Karel is a highly respected leader in process control and automation in the pulp and paper industry. He started his career in this industry as an electrical engineer over 50 years ago. From 1985 to 2020, Karel played several roles, including senior process control engineer, project manager, and director at Georgia-Pacific. As director of corporate process control engineering, he was responsible for all process control projects as well as plant upgrades and introduced several industry-leading innovations prior to his retirement. Karel actively contributes to Open Process Automation Forum efforts to create the O-PASᵀᴹ standard for process control and automation.

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