Model-First®  Services & Offerings

SME-Driven Holistic Digital Transformation Engagements

Enterprise Modeling

Model-First Services and Offerings enable SMEs to describe how an enterprise operates, the associated operational structures, and behaviors to create both human and machine understandable Digital Models of the whole enterprise.

SME-Driven AI Teaching

The hpad IDEA (Intelligent Deep Enterprise Architecture) Workbench provides SMEs a framework and methods to actively interact with AI throughout a Model-First Engagement and iteratively experiment, analyze, and transform the enterprise.


Curated Holistic View

Providing domain expertise and ensuring AI’s business-aligned understanding of the enterprise, SMEs actively participate throughout a Model-First engagement enabling the creation of curated holistic enterprise models by AI to guide a holistic Digital Transformation.

Roadmaps & Solutions

Model-First Services, assisted by AI, produce an organization’s Digital Transformation Roadmap using the IDEA Workbench tools & models to validate pain-points, opportunities, strategies, and solution alternatives including the development of Smart Applications and Solutions.