Bringing together the power of human

and artificial intelligence

Unleashing your organization’s digital transformation

Digital transformation initiatives must successfully deal with the complexities of today’s enterprise.
Model-First engagements enable business leaders and subject matter experts (SMEs)
to plan and execute their transformation initiatives with the assistance of artificial intelligence.


Fundamental to hpad® digital transformation engagements is the creation of human and machine understandable enterprise models using hpad’s modular framework and AI-based technology tools which allow both humans and AI to learn and understand the structures and behaviors of any domain or the whole enterprise and successfully execute digital transformation initiatives.


By incorporating the business vision, objectives, and strategies in the enterprise models, hpad enables business leaders to tame complexity and align digital transformation initiatives to the business intent. Real-time decisions are backed by AI-enabled analysis of enterprise knowledge and operational data.


As complexity grows exponentially, recognizing and understanding the multiple aspects of an enterprise becomes more and more difficult. Model-First engagements, with the assistance of AI, are designed to provide holistic views of the enterprise to help business leaders and SMEs in their understanding of pain-points, opportunities, and potential digital transformation solution alternatives.